Art in the Park – November 2018

November 24, 2018 - November 25, 2018
4:30 PM
Napean Sea Road, Mumbai
Priyadarshini Park, Mumbai
Mr. Balkrishna Surve Mrs. Preeti Pawar
Art in the Park – November 2018

‘Learn, Explore, Enjoy – It’s Our Space’

In this sprawling urban concrete landscape, where space is at a premium, our forefathers, early visionaries and town planners, nurtured for us spaces within our crowded existence. Spaces open to all, spaces meant to provide us a breath of fresh air and a sense of freedom. Mumbai has many such open spaces which are underutilised and we fail to take the maximum benefit of it.

Spaces, where children play, where we take our daily walks with friends & family, where we come together to share our joys, where love blossomed and friendships bloomed and where we free ourselves of the daily grind.

These are our spaces to use. Come and be a part of Art in The Park movement, an initiative by the Indian Heritage Society – Mumbai, to create greater awareness and community ownership of our open spaces.

Come and reclaim your collective ownership of the open spaces by using them. This two day annual event is just a booster dose. An event for you to come with your entire family to Learn, Explore and Enjoy. There will be art and craft workshops for children, performances by under-privileged & special children, art galleries by budding artists from distinguished art schools of our city and enthralling performances by world renowned artists.

This is your space, your event. So how can we charge you for enjoying your own space? Yes, thanks to our sponsors, this event is entirely free.


See you there…!